Verco Properties

Our History


Our History

Verco Properties and its affiliated companies own and manage a portfolio of over 30 properties throughout the Northeast. With over 75 years of experience spanning 4 generations, we have a particular focus on the rehabilitation and adaptive reuse of historic properties. Property restoration is our passion and we purchase old, sometimes abandoned buildings, and repurpose them into homes, stores, restaurants, offices and other mixed-uses. We seek to preserve each property’s historic feel while incorporating modern and green technologies that not only benefit our residents, commercial tenants and our communities, but do our part to protect the environment.

An American Story

Our business started with our family’s grocery store, the Verni’s Market, one block from Gracie Mansion on the corner of York Avenue and 89th Street in the Yorkville section on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Giovanni Verni who came from Bari, Italy in 1919 bought the building for his grocery store in the 1940s and moved his wife and young family to an apartment above the store. The Verni family later acquired other buildings on the Upper East Side and renovated them into apartments for middle class New Yorkers and people coming to New York to start their careers. Later the Verni family under the direction of Vito Verni expanded their real estate company into other growing areas of the New York metropolitan area.

Today a third and fourth generation of the Verni family serve the needs of New Yorkers and others throughout the metropolitan area. We have also begun to expand into other areas of the Northeast corridor including the suburbs of New York, Connecticut and other points beyond.

Preserving the Past and Building for the Future

We continue to seek properties we can breathe new life into and return as assets to the community. Whether it is an old train station that becomes a favorite neighborhood restaurant; an old movie theater that becomes a mixed-use transit-oriented development to revitalize a downtown; or an old mill that becomes a hip residential community on a lake with a waterfall, Verco is taking the old and making it new. By respecting these old buildings and repurposing them to modern standards with sensitivity to the environment, we can preserve the character of the neighborhoods we serve while providing for the needs of modern living.

Verco Properties is also building for the future. In certain areas, we are building or acquiring new housing in established neighborhoods. These “boutique residential communites” are at a scale that reflect and respect the towns and villages where they are situated. Both in design and in scale, Verco Properties is building with the latest in “green technologies” to a scale that complements rather than overwhelms the places we make.